Trading CFDs and/or involves significant risk of capital loss. ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS (No 3 ) OF ACT II SC II OF MERCHANT OF VENICE
Question 3
[Aside] o heavens, this is my true-begotten father! Who, being more than sand-blind, high-gravel blind, knows me not: I will try to confuse with him.
Master young gentle man, I pray you, which is the way to master Jew’s?
Turn up on your right hand at the next turning, but, at the next turning of all, on your left; marry, at the very next turning of no hand, but turn down indirectly to the Jew’s house.
i) Where are Launcelot and old Gobbo? What is meant by ‘[true-begotten father]’? Why cannot old Gobbo recognise his son?
Launcelot and old Gobbo are on the streets of Venice. ‘true-begotten father’ means his own father who has brought him to this world. Gobbo cannot recognise his own son because he is partially blind(sand-blind).
ii) Why is looking for the way to Master Jew’s house? How does Launcelot confuse the old man while giving directions to him to reach the Jew’s house?
Old Gobbo is looking for the way to Master Jew’s house to look for his son Launcelot, who, he knows is under the service of the Jew Shylock. Launcelot gives a lot of wrong directions for Shylock’s house. He directs his father to turn right at the next corner, but at the very next corner he tells him to turn left. Then at the last corner he tells him not turn any way but toturn down indirectly to the Jew’s house. In thisw way he confuses his father.
iii) What was Gobbo’s reaction to the directions given to him by Launcelot?
Gobbo reacted by exclaiming that it was a very complicated way to find Shylock’s house,( By God’s sonties, ’twill be a hard way to hit). He rather changed his question by asking him whether he knew that any Launcelot lived in his house or not.
iv) What present has Gobbo brought to give the Jew? What does Launcelot say to his father about it?
Gobbo has a dish of dove as a present for the Jew. Launcelot says that on his part he has decided to run away from the Jew. His father may do whatever he likes(Well, well: but, for mine own part, as I have set up my rest to run away),.Launcelot was rather angry at Gobbo’s decision to give the Jew a present. He says that his master is a Jew and he is famished in his house( My master’s a very Jew: give him a present! give him a halter: I am famished in his service);.He is cruel and miser and makes Launcelot starve. To justify this Launcelot asks his father to look at his ribs that can be counted because of starvation( My master’s a very Jew: give him a present! give him a halter: I am famished inhis service; you may tell every finger I have with my ribs).. He asks his father to give the present to one master Bassanio(give me your present to one Master Bassanio).
V) Launcelot plays a comic role in this scene. Give two examples of comedy provoked by him.
This scene shows Launcelot’s antics that provide comic relief. His first appearance on the stage is marked by his soliloquy in which he is found debating with his conscience. In this soliloquy, he compares his master to the devil and decides to lewave his service. This act of his is quite hilarious and provides a comic element in the play. The second instance where Laquncelot’s acxt provides a comic relief is when he pretends to possess classical learning and knowledge of palmistry. He exhibits such learning in order to impress simple folks like his father. His use of malapropism in his language adds to the comic element in the play. For example he uses ‘exhibit’ for ‘inhibit’ and ‘fruityfy’ for ‘certify’, etc.

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