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‘What are you doing out here, boy? Asked Mr. Oliver sharply, moving closer so that he could recognize the miscreant. But even as he approached the boy, Mr. Oliver senses something was wrong. The boy appeared to be crying. His heaqd hung down, he held his face in his hands, and his body shook convulsively. It was a strange, soundless weeping, and Mr. Oliver felt distinctly uneasy.
1. Where did Mr. Oliver find the boy? What did he notice about the boy?
While returning to his school from Shimla Bazaar, through the pine forest, Mr. Oliver, encountered a boy sitting alone on a rock in the forest. Taking him to be a miscreant at first, Mr. Oliver approached the boy and found something strange with him.
2. Why do you think the boy was called a miscreant? In what condition was he found by Oliver?
The place where Mr. Oliver found the boy, was not far away from the school where he was teaching. Therefore, finding the boy in that position made Mr. Oliver think that the boy was a miscreant, as no student of the school was supposed to be out of the school as it was a boarding school and every stu8dent was bound to abide by the strict rules and regulations of the school. The boy appeared to be crying with his head hung down. He held his face in his hands, and his body shook convulsively. It was a strange, soundless weeping.
3. How did Mr. Oliver express concern for the boy? How did the boy react to it.
Mr. Oliver was rather surprised and angry, to see the boy in that condition and took him to be a miscreant running away from the school. So he approached the boy and asked sharply the reason for being out there. But the boy showed no reactions to his concern as he did not reply. Finding him to be sobbing in a strange way, with his whole body shaking vigorously, Mr. Oliver’s anger changed to a concern, and sugge3sted him not to there at that hour and asked him to look up.
4. How can you explain the boy’s “strange, soundless weeping”?
The boy’s weeping was not normal. Generally, weeping is followed by a sound but, the boy was weeping soundlessly with his head hung down and his face in his hands. His whole body shook convulsively as he sobbed.
5. What strange revelation took place when the boy finally looked up?
When the boy finally looked up and the light from Mr. Oliver’s torch fell upon the boy’s face, Mr. Oliver found that the boy had no features. He had no eyes, ears, nose or mouth.

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