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Most of us dream to study in foreign countries. Whether it is undergraduate or graduate or you want to do research in any foreign country, you have to qualify for certain examinations. This issue of mine will deal with TOEFFEL which is very important for studying in foreign countries.
The countries like Britain, Australia, USA Canada where the mother tongue is English, you need to prove your dexterity in Test of English as a Foreign Lqanguage (TOEFEL)more than ten thousand colleges and Universities in Hundred and thirty countries accept TOEFEL Score regarding the admission of foreign students. India has Internet based ability test (TOEFEL ABILITY TEST) in her curriculum.
There is no hard and fast rule for passing in this test. The related Educational Institutions select candidates on the basis of the score. If you are unable to produce good results for the first time, you will have the chance to sit for the second time again. In fact there are facilities to sit for the exam multiple times.
The question is what is there in the examination. I mean to say that what you need to study for your preparation. TOFEL Ability test has been divided into four divisions.
i. Listening
ii. Reading
iii. Speaking
iv. Writing
The reading section will consist of three3 to four reading passages from which you will have to answer 35 -56 questions. For that you will have 60-80 minutes at your disposal.
Listening covers 34-51 questions. They include Lecture, Class room discussion . Questions have to be answered on the basis of the conversations that will take place. For that you will have 60-90 minutes at your hand.
Speaking will have six tasks witha time approval opf 20 minutes. In this you need to express your opinion on any known topic. Your speech will depend on Reading and Listening task.
Wrting portion will include two tasks. In this you will have to write essay or composition depending on Listening and Reading task. You will need to express your own opinion in your composition. You will get 50 minutes for this. The time period for the total examination is 4 hours.
The Scale Score for each section in TOEFEL ABILITY TEST is 0-30. The total Scale Score is 0-40. The approxiomate time for knowing Scale Score is ten days. This scvore remains valid for two years.


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